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Barreal, San Juan, Argentina


El Mercedario

An old home that was restored to offer a magical paradise in the region of the Andes Mountains in Argentina


A location with unique colors, fragrances and flavors.
Far from the madding crowd and close to nature, opportunities for adventure in hills, rivers and mountains.
An unforgettable experience beneath unparalleled transparent skies.



The original lodging house which bore the name “Los Andes” was built in 1928 in the typical rural architecture of the Cuyo region in Central-Western Argentina. The building materials included adobe (sun-baked clay bricks) and “tapiales” (walls of compacted earth). It was the first lodging in Barreal and was owned by Mr. Adán Araya and his wife Adila.

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Private bathroom and 24-hour hot water

A/C Cold - Hot

Convection wood-burning stoves

Satellite TV

Continental breakfast in the Cuyo region style

Wi-Fi Internet Access


Barbecue area and swimming pool

Landscaped park and apple orchard

Arts and crafts, jams, herbs and regional products for sale

*Free parking, maid service, and optional breakfast


Seasonal and year-round activities: horse riding and tours, land-sailing, 4wd off-road drives, rafting and mountain climbing.

Where is El Mercedario?

The ecolodge is located in Barreal. A town belonging to the Calingasta department, located in the extreme south west of the province of San Juan in the geographical region of Cuyo (Argentina). It has been qualified by an English-language tourist guide as one of the ten most beautiful places in Argentina.

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This typical rural sample of architecture in the Cuyo region was built in 1928 with adobe and compacted earth walls. The first lodging house in Barreal, it bore the name “Los Andes” and was owned by Mr. Adán Araya and his wife Adila. The old property, which had long been neglected, was acquired in 2007 by its present owners. Recycling, restoration, consolidation and bathroom building were undertaken right away and the result became a model of architectural conservation in Cuyo.

El Mercedario is an ecolodge because we seek to minimize the impact of our activity by reducing, reusing and recycling. We have developed an organic market garden, we breed sheep and we make our own compost. Additionally, we keep 5 dogs and 3 cats. Our swimming pool uses a solar ionizer, we classify waste material and we promote the rational use of water, both for drinking and irrigation. Lastly, we dry our own apples, pears, quinces and vegetables in the sun.



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