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Barreal, Calingasta, San Juan

El Mercedario Ecolodge is situated in Barreal, a small tourist village in the Calingasta Department of the Province of San Juan in Argentina. The village is set in a vast natural frame of hills, rivers and mountains. The blend of climate, uncontaminated air and clear skies, avenues lined with leafy trees and natural beauty turns Barreal into an Andean paradise. This is just the spot in which to remove oneself far from the madding crowd. Thousands of years of geological transformation have placed spectacular landscapes that host unique species of flora and fauna before the visitors’ eyes. Barreal opens up a path of communion with nature in the imposing Andes. An average of three hundred nights of clear weather turns this particular sky into one of the most undefiled and poignant sights in the world, with the Milky Way displayed in all its glory.

How to get to Barreal

By plane

from Buenos Aires to San Juan or Mendoza.

Aerolineas Argentinas.


By bus

from San Juan.

Empresa El Triunfo.


By car

From San Juan: RN 40, RP 436, RN 149.

From Mendoza: RN 40, RN 7, RN 149.